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@UPDATE! 16/08/2017

I recently got back into the game and decided to give a little bit of polishing to my mods.

  • Removed dark borders from all Pokémon.
  • Added new animations for Glameow, Meganium and Vaporeon.
  • Added a little pokeball to the back of the Team Rocket Shirt.
  • Added Blue Chicken.
  • Changed Void Chicken.
  • Changed White Chicken.

@ Changes the following animals to Pokémon:

  • Baby Brown Cow - Numel
  • Baby Pig - Swinub
  • Baby Rabbit - Swirlix
  • Baby White Cow - Miltank
  • Blue Chicken - Taillow
  • Brown Chicken - Pidgey
  • Brown Cow - Camerupt
  • Cat - Glameow
  • Dinosaur - Shieldon
  • Dog - Vaporeon
  • Horse - Meganium
  • Pig - Piloswine
  • Rabbit - Swirlix
  • Void Chicken - Murkrow
  • White Chicken - Rufflet
  • White Cow - Miltank

@ Changes the Cursors.xnb file to include a Vaporeon/Glameow/Meganium head next to your dog/cat/horse names in the menu.

@ Changes Krobus to Duskull.

@ Changes the Joja shirt (Shirt 106) and the Good Ol' Cap to a Team Rocket Grunt Outfit.

  • Get the Grey Shoe here.

@ How to install:

  • Download and extract the file.
  • Put the files in your Stardew Valley/Content/ folder and overwrite the original files (make a backup first!).
  • Enjoy!

You can find more pokemon retextures HERE.

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If you find any bugs/strange sprites feel free to contact me!