Stardew Valley
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About this mod

A new NPC for the game. She is a refugee from the war, currently sleeps on Emily's couch. Reads and works at the Museum.

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  • Spanish
She currently likes to read in the library, in the forest or on the beach depending on the season. She goes to the saloon every now and then and has a job at the museum, where she helps Gunther with the library. She will slowly open up about the war, her family and her life as a refugee.

You can now date and marry Mona! With a lot of specific dialogue, a marriage schedule and even more incoming. She has an optional spouse room in a separate file that works with TMXLoader from Platonymous. 

She is featured in The Perks of Being Married from TrentXV. If you download this mod, once married with her, Mona will get letters from her brother with little gifts inside.

Mona can attend the festivals. You won't be able to dance with her at the flower dance though...

Mona changes clothes depending on the season. Change to 'false' into config to deactivate feature. To change the default sprite just copy whichever one is your favorite and rename it to 'Mona' (remember to do it both into portraits and sprites).

What's new :
  • Finally fixed the conflict between SVE and Mona's festival locations
  • Mona attends festivals (optional file, TMXLoader from Platonymous is needed)
  • 5, 8 and 10 hearts events

What's old :
  • Added marriage schedule
  • Optional spouse room (TMXLoader from Platonymous is needed)
  • 2 hearts heart event
  • Added marriage, marriage dialogue
  • Added seasonal oufits !
  • More dialogue with each update
  • Added gift preference. Up to you to find what she likes and what she doesn't ! 

- Still working on it so there might be a few bugs. Please let me know if you find anything or if you have suggestions.

Guide of the Hearts Events :

Gift preference :

See Uninstallation Instructions on Just replace "Shiko" with "Mona" of course.