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Nicer swimsuit options for your farmer. Trans and Nonbinary Friendly!

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Do you think the vanilla bathing suits suck? So do I! This lets you replace the bottoms with shorts, the bikini tops with binders, bare chests so the few seconds between when you exit the changing station and when you hop in the bath are more pleasant!  The color always matches the color you choose for your pants. Accessories will remain on when you are in the bath.

Being nonbinary, I exited the changing room of the bath house and looked at my sprite for a few seconds before going "Ew, that has got to go" then exiting the game and spending hours and hours making several different bathing suits to make them more inclusive for people who don't want to only have one swimsuit option that's based solely on anatomy. If you're trying to make your sprite look like you and you aren't adequately represented here, let me know and I'll see what I can do. 

We've hardly updated in 2.1! We have switched from Get Dressed to Kisekae compatibility! There are more options. The binders, shorts, one pieces, m model bikinis, wetsuits, and au naturale options are my work, the robe and towel are courtesy of Little Lea, all other suits are part of the original mod, which was updated into this

Installation Instructions
  1. Install Kisekae first
  2. Download and unzip the Delta’s Better Swimsuits zip file 
  3. Open the folder containing the Kisekae Mod, located in the mods section of your local files after installing SMAPI and Kisekae. 
  4. Place the male_bottoms.png and female_bottoms.png files in the “overrides” folder.
  5. In order to access all bathing suits, edit the Get Dressed config.json (automatically generated when you boot up Stardew with Get Dresssed installed) to have “MaleBottomsTypes": 9,  and "HideMaleSkirts": false,
  6. You’re ready to go! Suit types are based on the type and color of your bottoms. Change your outfit with the hotkey (default "C") after changing into your swimsuit if you want a different swimsuit than the one paired with your preferred bottoms. 

Style Guide:

F type:
  1. Vanilla pants and bikini top with shorts
  2. Shorts and binder with shorts
  3. Skirt and one piece
  4. Apron skirt and just shorts
  5. Frilly skirt and vanilla bikini
  6. Alt. skirt and bathrobe
  7. Pleated skirt and long towel
  8. Pleated skirt w/ socks and bikini top with just shorts
  9. Haley skirt and skimpy bikini
  10. Long skirt and wetsuit 
  11. Ballroom skirt with just sandals (nakey!)
  12. Frilly ballroom skirt with teeny string bikini

M Type:
  1. Vanilla pants and just shorts
  2. Shorts and binder with shorts
  3. Alt. skirt and bikini top with shorts
  4. Pleated skirt and flat chested bikini
  5. Frilly skirt and full chested bikini
  6. Ballroom skirt and wetsuit
  7. Vanilla pants and vanilla bottoms
  8. Vanilla pants and bathrobe
  9. Vanilla pants and short towel

Unfortunately, compatibility with chest scars is broken indefinitely. Please let me know about any bugs or new suit requests right away! Please message me if you need help, since it does not notify me when people post here.