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I wanted a way to use all of the legacy animal retextures that aren't updated for content patcher without needing to replace game files. so I made this, a mod that lets you do exactly that.

Permissions and credits
CP Animal Loader´╗┐
 drag and drop whatever animal replacers you want into it and have them work with content patcher.

Nexus Exclusive 
No one is allowed to repost this mod anywhere, please alert me if anyone does so.

1.4 update
added new cat and dog textures as an option to load, streamlines xmb loading, made file more compatible with vortex.

What it Does 
This mod doesn't add textures, in fact the textures in the mod are default Stardew textures. what it does do, however, is let you download and install textures for barn and coop animals, as well as textures for pets and your horse, from any mod that isn't a content patcher mod, and use them as a content patcher mod so you won't need to replace the default files.

this mod should be compatible with most other mods, even the other content patcher mods that load animal textures seems to work for me, although your use may vary from mod to mod.

Drag and drop the [CP] Animal Loader mod into your mods folder, then download any animal replacement mods and put them in the assets folder that is inside this mod. replace the vanilla files that are pre-installed, and then play. no unpacking .xnb files, no deleting original game files.

delete the [CP] Animal Loader mod, simple as that.

none, don't re-upload anywhere, please.

Screenshot Credits
the example screenshots were taken with the following mods, these mods where only used for screenshots and are not included with this mod.

Black Cat mod by casildak
Holsteins (white cow) by Zhuria
Wee Highland Coos by gglacier
Suffolk Sheep Recolor by The13thBlackCat
Goat Replacement by approachcautiously
Better Pigs and Recolours by Zhuria
New Rabbit Sprites and Recolours by Zhuria
Chicken Overhaul by Minakie
Dino Ducks made by myself
Horse to mule by magimatica (the mod has been hidden and is currently pointing to "Horsemanship" as a replacement)