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A Mod that changes Sebastians Portrait and Sprite to a more true Emo boi, Making him more look like someone who listens to MCR and cries about the G note.

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A retexture using "Small red flower in the waves" (Link to site:

Retexture for Sebastian, It wasn't enough to express Sebastian's Edgyness, As an edge lord myself i made it more to my liking, Having his portrait have bangs over the eyes (Signature emo cliche) and the Necktie and shirt inside the hoodie (caz we all know emo's dont like teh sun) and of course Blue eyes to balance out the dark colors.

His sprite still sports the same look but it has more detail. Chains on his left leg (Wallet Chain) and a hoodie on his back to further add to his detail. Changed some colors on his suits' on having black gloves. and recoloring the his whole outfit in black instead of purplish black.

Now to me he looks like someone who fits the "I Don't wanna live in this town anymore"