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Expands the default farm to create more space for crops and adds a second field that comes in 4 flavours - Wild forest, Wild forest with lake, grassy meadow and grassy meadow with lake.

Permissions and credits
This mod is an updated/edited version of Gnarly's Farm Expansion mod (link).

It fixes some bugs in the original and I moved some things about to fit my own preference.

The mod comes in 2 4 flavours, First is a version where the 2nd field has dirt for the ground and has an out of control wild forest.
Second is a version where the field is a peacefull grassy meadow. The grass is fully tillable so you can grow crops there if you want.

Third and Fourth are the same but with a lake now added to the south of the map.

** updated for Stardew Valley 1.5 **

Install instructions.

This mod requires you have Content Patcher installed. Please download through Vortex or manually download and place inside your Stardew Valley Mods folder.

The config file (config.json) will be created after you run stardew valley after installing the mod. Exit the game once game is loaded and edit the config file to specify which map you would like to play.

The 4 options are:


The water variety adds the southern lake you find on the regular standard map.

When entering the farm from the forest, you can either let the player spawn into the farm at the south point of the farm or the middle of the farm (saves on the running!)

In the config file, chose either Middle or Bottom. The default is Bottom.

Special thanks to Gnarly for the original Mod.