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Enhance your tool's abilities with geodes.

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This mod is no longer maintained and may not work in newer game versions.

Enhance your tools with geodes.

Press G to open the adornments screen.

  • Prismatic Shard - Give three more geode slots.

  • Opal [Wcan/Hoe] - Increase the length of your charged tool by two tiles.
  • Fire opal [Wcan/Hoe] - Increase the width of your charged tool by one tile in each direction.
  • Ocean stone [Wcan] - Provide infinite water to the watering can.
  • Tigerseye [Pick/Hoe only] - Provides truesight, seeing inside rocks and dig spots.
  • Aerinite - Use less stamina.
  • Fairy stone [WCan/Hoe] - Instant tool charging.
  • Star shards - Use your tools where you click, even when not right next to you.

  • Thunder egg - Provides more damage.
  • Jamborite - Provides more knockback.
  • Helvite - Provides more crit chance.
  • Lunarite - Increases attack speed.
  • Neptunite - Pierce through rock crab, bug, and fallen mummy armor.