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Separate Money for every player in Multiplayer

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Make sure you do not have any other money mods installed.
All players and host need this mod installed.

May not be compatible with PYTK or mods that use PYTK


I was tired of the bugs in other mods like this. I sought to avoid those bugs by bypassing as much of the game's own money and shipping code as possible (the game has known shipping bin bugs even without mods).

  • All players and host need this mod installed.
  • The shipping bin now pays out instantly but you can not get your last item back so be careful with those clicks.
  • You can click on your money bar to spend money to generate "Lump of Gold" that is worth 100G if sold. Follows normal buying rules. Hold right click does continual buying, and adding shift button increases the increment from 1 to 5.
  • The nightly shipping menu will still total what everyone has shipped that day but will not pay out (since that money has already been paid at the time of item deposit).
  • The money is stored in the host game's own save file. If you want to edit it, it is in the "mailreceived" section of each player in a mail item called "!MONEY!XXXX" (Example: "!MONEY!501" Change the 501 to change the amount of money the player has. This page has info on how to do save editing:
How to Install: