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Always wanted to access your whole farm just through an underground network in your cellar? Now you can

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Your farm is already pretty large and, especially when you have custom farm maps installed, it can be quite difficult getting around the map. With my Tunnel System, you can easiely get from one point to another and still keep you gigantic farms

Current & Future Features

Current version includes
  • A new cellar
  • Conditional map loading:
  • - No stair in greenhouse before 3 house upgrade
    - Better compatibility with farm mods

  • Access to secret woods
Things planned for the next update
Other planned additions for later updates
  • Access to the mines and minecart system (probably with extended minecarts
  • More decoration in already added parts
  • Access to the sewers
  • Access to the bathhouse


Tunnel System is compatible right out of the box with:
To be compatible with other mods you just need to replace their content.json with the new ones provided by me. Mods supported that way are:
Although I'm adding compatibility for as much mods as possible, it just isn't possible for every mod. Mods changing following, except the already listed ones are currently not supported:
  • Greenhouse
  • Cellar
  • Woods
If you want a mod added you can alway request it in the posts section and I'll try to add it with the next update

More Ideas?
Discord: Nanogamer7#4320
GitHub Repository