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This mod adds hundreds of additional lines of dialogue for the 12 Stardew Valley marriage candidates. Includes dialogue for holidays, birthdays, and other events.

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Stardew Valley Gift of Gab: Marriage Candidate Edition

Tired of hearing the same lines of dialogue over and over?

Sad your favorite character barely grows over the course of your friendship?

Wish you knew their thoughts on Stardew Valley happenings?

Bring more life to your relationships with the Stardew Valley Gift of Gab mod!

Gift of Gab adds hundreds of new lines of dialogue. Characters will now:
-Comment on the time of year, including holidays and the birthdays of friends/family!
-Have many chats change depending on whether the community center is complete, the desert bus is running, and so on!
-Give additional hints and explanations for their loved and hated items!
Plus, you'll get a wide range of new conversations which evolve as you grow closer to them!
Gift of Gab’s top priority is capturing the spirit and speaking style of each character. No two people sound alike, and in addition to
new dialogue, old lines have been lightly polished. This mod changes dialogue for all marriage candidates. Husband/Wife dialogue is separate and not included.