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Mel Noelle and Kirbylink

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Sewer Map Overhaul! Vine-covered, mushroom-filled, cave-like sewers in purple and blue ! More rooms, more shadow creatures, more fun!

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{Note! I designed this mod with the Elven Krobus mod in mind, but left them separate so people choose to have one OR both!}

Ever wanted a darker, moodier sewer? Ever wanted it covered in vines, mushrooms, and other cool stuff? Ever wanted it larger, with a cool secrets to search out? Well, me too! So I made this mod - I hope you like it!

This mod changes the colors and style of the sewer, and adds more map and a new room to explore! There are two different map options depending on whether you have vanilla Krobus or a modded one, and they have more things to explore, find, and click, like the other maps in the game do. There might also be a few creatures to run into too!

How to install:
  • Download and unzip Underdark Sewer file!
  • Find the two folders - [CP] Underdark Sewer & UnderdarkSewer - and put both mods (keep them separate) into your MODS folder!
    This is how your file tree should look:
    Stardew Valley -> Mods -> [CP] Underdark Sewer / UnderdarkSewer

Inside the [CP] Underdark Sewer folder, there's a config file that you can edit to change the map style!
  • "humanoidroom" will give you a map that has a room for Krobus that better fits a humanoid mod edit, like this one here.
  • "creatureroom" has a smaller room without furniture like the bed and chairs, better for the original shadow brute Krobus or other creature edits.

  • This mod will not be compatible with other mods that edit the sewer tilesheet or sewer map. However, you can always splice two mods together and use this tilesheet on another map, or use another map with this mod!
  • The map messages are currently only available in english. If you would like to translate into your language, please let me know! I would update the files and give you credit here!
  • THANK YOU to Kirbylink for helping me with fixing the hardcoded sewer fog/water colors! Go check out his mods!

What's new?

- New room! Enter through passage above Krobus!
- New map south of main area - find hallway to the right of the forest sewer entrance!
- New objects to inspect in the room, and some around the sewer!
- Two hidden jukeboxes in some of the spider statues!
- More shadow brutes to talk to!

I'm brainstorming more things to add to this sewer map - if you have any cool ideas of stuff you'd like to see or find in here, let me know!

Other mods featured in screenshots:
Elven Krobus! Coii's Hairstyles! New Shirts!