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Replace the default craftable scarecrow with a Norse runestone carved with Jera, the rune of the harvest.

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Not a fan of the default scarecrow? Or maybe you just like viking stuff? Have a runestone!

Jera, pronounced "Yehr-ah", is the Nordic rune for the Harvest (or "Year" depending on context). Carve it up and place it near your crops, and it will protect them from the mischievous crows that inhabit the valley. Protection against tree-eating dragons included.

The mod is seasonal. The stone is entwined with vines, which change colour with the seasons.
The recipe and effect of the the scarecrow has not changed. The name is still "scarecrow" because it's hardcoded into the game and can't be modded with any known methods.

-Install Smapi and Content Patcher
-After downloading, place folder into Stardew Valley\Mods

Colours were designed with Flower Valley in mind, but will work without it!

thecouchwitch - Art, Concept
madeggmods - Coding, Actual Nordmann (so you know the viking magic in this mod is the real deal)