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Fixes for the deluxe barn. Fixes the floor, walls and adds more space.

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Hello, first time making a mod that was intended to address something that was bugging me but I bet I am not the only one that has noticed the battered look of the deluxe barn.

As for a "deluxe" barn to still be falling apart after 2 upgrades.
"What the hell are you doing Robin?"
So having the pens in the middle and all the clutter in every corner robbed the barn of its space and organization, so I made some modifications:

-Fixed the battered look of the deluxe barn, fixing the floor the walls.
-Added more space by moving the pens to the back, instead of the middle.
-Removed and organized some of the clutter, maintaining the vanilla look(most of it).

Update 1:
-Added version with no clutter, leaving only the water tub and the feeding bins.

Now you can put more cheese presses, chests or kegs.

Unzip the file and paste it in "Stardew Valley\Content\Maps" folder.
Don't forget to back up your old file.

Hope ya folks like it.