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This mod overwrites the vanilla dialogue to refer the bachelors as females, Shane girl included!
(Please report possible misspelling, bugs or missed dialogues that still refers the bachelors as dudes)

0.3: Fixes dialogue with Alex heart event 10 scene and Group 10 heart scene dialogue fixes,Huge thanks to 4thDimensional4d

Permissions and credits
0.2:  Changes a Sabrina event of Complement of decor in "his" room.  to her instead, Huge thanks to KI4T for finding this one.
0.3: Fixes dialogue with Alex heart event 10 scene, now she refers to you as him instead of another guy,  also fixes event of Group 10 Heart scene, to refer as girls instead of guys when confronted by the group, Huge thanks to 4thDimensional4d for finding this one.

Warning! Read before download!!!
This mod is no compatible with any mod that overwrites the vanilla dialogue files.
while not required to change the portrait I highly recommend that you download the portraits mods, otherwise it will be weird if you address therm as girls while still looking as boys! links are down below

Adarian Portrait Mods
You can use Adarian original portrait mod to change the girls portrait mod or rather use the content patch by ZidanReign

Shane Portrait Mod
You can use Rekooooon original Shane girl mod,
But I'll rather recommend the content patcher by Croofe since that one does not comes with a corrupt cursor file that
makes the lights in the window blurry!!! you were warned!


1.)Download this mod
2.)Locate your Stardew Valley folder in your "steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content
3.)Let files overwrite original files
Warning!: DO NOT PUT ON SMAPI SINCE THIS IS A OVERWRITE MOD!, I'm still trying to figure out how to make a content file, unless of course if you want to help, which if you do, please message me so I can link to your post and give credit.


(Huge Kudos for Invartorzen and KeionDryke for inspiring me, And Specially AdarinSinner for making the gender swap bachelor mod, and Rekooooon for making the Shane girl Mod , please check their profiles!)