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This mod allows the player to edit the amount of hearts needed in order to have a partner in the flower dance.

Permissions and credits
This mod will allow you change the amount of hearts that you need to have with the other characters in order to ask them to dance with you.
In multiplayer, only the players that uses the mod will see a change in the heart requirment, and the change will be based on their config file.
I only tested the mod on 1.3.28 so I dont know if it works for the other versions as well.

1)Install SAMPI 2.7 for Stardew Valley 1.3.28.
2)Put the mod folder inside the mods folder(the mods folder is inside your stardew valley folder).
1)Install SAMPI 2.7 for Stardew Valley 1.3.28.
2)Click "MOD MANAGER DOWNLOAD" in the version that you want t download.
3)Click install on Vortex.

Known Bugs:
When playing with mods that prevent NPC's from losing friendship, every datable NPC's that you talk with, will be at 4 hearts(if he had less then 4).

Config file:
The mod config file contain the heart amount value that the mod uses and is 3 by deafult.
If you want you can change it to any number between 0 to 8, and it will change the heart requirment for the dance (0 - 0 hearts needer, 8 - 8 hearts needed.
any number below 0 will count as 0 and any number above 8 will count as 8).

Change Log
1)Added UpdateKeys to the menifest.
2)Added Compitabilty with Vortex.
3)Fixed a bug that caused the heart requirment minimum to be 3 instead of 0.

if you encouter any problom please notify me and i will try to fix it.