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This mod fixes the bug that causes the Bee House's to not include flowers in the top and bottom right most tiles when deciding the type of honey provided. The mod also causes the selection to be made based on the highest priced honey to be produced.

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According to many player posts and the Stardew Valley wiki, the Bee Houses should have an intended range similar to:

However, currently, the range calculations are incorrect and players have reported that the actual range looks like:

Notice the top left and bottom right most tiles are not considered when a Bee House looks for nearby flowers!


Well now this has been fixed! You can now grow flowers in the previously omitted tiles and gain the special honey benefits. Also, the previous implementation always gave preference to the closest left, right, top, and bottom flowers (in that order). Now, the preference is given to the most profitable flower (according to Stardew Valley Wiki). Wild Honey can still be received if no grown flower lies within the range of the Bee House.

Enjoy your honey!


Working versions of Stardew Valley:
- 1.3.32

- Install SMAPI
- Unzip this mod to the mods folder

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