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Currently replaces Jas with Kana and Elliott with Lorenz.

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Requires both SMAPI and Content Patcher to work. ANY mods that modify Jas or Elliott (portrait mods, dialogue expansions, etc) have the possibility of conflicting.

Do you spend too much time wishing Fire Emblem was even more of a waifu/husbando simulator? Now you don't have to! Or, no, you still have to, because this mod only replaces Jas and Elliott.


This mod is a work in progress. Ideally, once this mod is completed, every character in Stardew Valley will be replaced with a Fire Emblem character, along with (possibly) other aspects of the game.

Currently, Kana takes the place of Jas, and Lorenz takes the place of Elliott. Along with editing dialogue and appearances, gift tastes are also edited— if you aren't using mods that allow you to look up gift tastes, you can look in snippets.txt or reference the article.


This mod requires both SMAPI and Content Patcher to run, so make sure those are both installed before you continue.
Currently, there is no config file or anything of the sort, so no worries about that.

This mod will conflict with mods that alter Jas or Elliot in any way. This particularly affects portrait packs. In the future, I may include other files to make these compatible with Portraiture, but for now that's a maybe more than anything.