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Add MORE butterflies to the game! Real species, rainbow, pastel, fall colors, fantasy winter ones, and more!

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Add more butterflies to your game! This does NOT take the place of the critters already in the game, this adds MORE via the Custom Critters mod! These are a little bit bigger than the vanilla ones, float a little more lazily but with the same cute aimless fluttering!
(note - the butterflies in game do not have a white border, that was added to the banner/preview pics for better visibility)

Choose between 3 packs - or mix and match! OR add them all! Each pack has different butterflies for spring/summer, fall, and winter! If you don't want any particular set, simply remove their folders! See pictures for previews! (spring/summer are currently the same set that spawn in both seasons - the folders are labeled "spring" though because I'm hoping to make more variety to add to summer later!)

  • "Various Species" includes real ones such as black swallowtails, luna moths, peacock butterflies, and more! Fall recolors some and adds some more, and winter has icy recolors and some fantasy ones too.
  • "Vibrant Rainbows" includes rainbow recolors of a few of the more striking butterflies, with the full rainbow for spring/summer, fall colors for fall, and cool blues for winter.
  • "Pastel Rainbows" is the same as the previous pack, but in less saturated, lighter pastels!

Install -
  1. You must download and install the unofficial update of Custom Critters, from here: Custom Critters 1.2.3-unofficial.2 by Mizzion 
  2. Download and unzip chosen butterfly files!
  3. Move "Critters" folder INTO the "CustomCritters" folder. (or merge with existing critters folder)
  4. So, Mods --> CustomCritters (unofficial update version) --> Critters --> butterfly folders!

Would you like to customize your butterflies - how much they spawn, what seasons they do? It's really easy!
Inside each of the butterfly folders is a "critter.json" file - open with notepad or the like.
Scroll down to "SpawnConditions". Where it says "Seasons", you can change that to any or all of the four seasons: [ "spring", "summer", "fall", "winter" ] Locations lists the places they can spawn! See here for a list of all location names in the game.
Scroll down to "SpawnAttempts". The default is 20, but you can decrease that, or even increase as much as you want. I've had up to 800 butterflies spawned at once, be prepared for lag and zero visibility though!

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