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Patch fix for bug that kept players from getting tree seeds from the tree/ground when they leveled up in the middle of the day.

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Update v1.1: Should now be compatible on Mac/Linux! Let me know if you have issues on these platforms please!

Currently, when the Farmer levels the Foraging skill during the day, they lose the ability to harvest seeds from chopped trees or remove seeds from the ground.
This mod/patch aims to fix that bug. It will allow the Farmer to gain seeds from trees even if they leveled in the middle of the day. (Only if their Foraging skill is one at start of day - level 0 foraging will still get no tree seeds until they level up at the end of the day) 

Not aware of any mod conflicts, please let me know if you experience any problems!

I'm looking for more bugs in the base game (not mod issues or conflicts with mods) for practice, comment to let me know of any you think would be useful to have fixed!

Working versions of Stardew Valley:
- 1.3.28 (Windows only - still looking into making it work for cross platform)

- Install SMAPI
- Unzip this mod to the mods folder

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