Gender Neutral Toddlers by Ilaynay
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I'm not a big fan of gendering kids' clothes and toys and whatever else.  It seems unnecessarily restrictive to the kid.  In-game this is honestly not a huge deal to me since the children aren't a very active presence, but I still thought it would be nice to have an option not to default to blue=boy and pink/purple=girl.  So I dove into the world of Stardew Valley mod creation and came up with this for my first attempt.  It's a simple recolor, nothing complicated.  Child #1 will now wear the same green as a toddler that they did as a baby; Child #2 will get a yellow bodysuit when they reach toddlerhood.

This is a pretty simple change to make, so I'll absolutely take requests for additional colors if anyone wants them.

To install, simply copy the XNB files into the Content\Characters folder under your Stardew Valley game folder.  There shouldn't be any problems, but I'd advise saving a backup of the vanilla files first, as one always should do when modding.

Eventually I'd like to expand this so that the notification of your child's arrival no longer specifies "baby boy" or "baby girl" and possibly tweak the Child #2 hairstyle to be less suggestive of dual ponytails.  That way, the toddlers could truly be gender-neutral and you could have two sons, two daughters, one of each, one or more kids that are simply non-binary...  You could play them any way you like.  I haven't gotten that far yet, though, so for now it's just the bodysuit colors that have changed.