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Let's go find a sleepy Totoro in the Secret Woods!

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Replaces Old Master Cannoli graphics and text with Totoro from Ghibli movie My Neighbor Totoro. Seasonal graphics, and a big smile-yelling mouth to show gratitude when you gift the Sweet Gem Berry!

After loading the mod once, you can set the winter leaf pile to "Dead"(default) or "Blue" in the config.json

- Edits only the graphical area of the statue in the seasonal outdoorsTileSheet, and only the single text line in Strings/Locations via Content Patcher, so no compatibility issues should arise!
- Install by downloading, unzipping, and dragging the unzipped folder to your Mods folder, the same one where you installed Content Patcher. Can be easily uninstalled by removing it from your Mods folder

  • Totoro graphic is credited to SarahKik over at the forums! Check out the original mod replacing the futan teddy bears with Totoros. It's what made this mod possible :)
  • Leaf pile is from vanilla SDV graphics(Witch's Hut)
  • I altered both graphics to be seasonal color palettes(very subtle on the Totoro) and tried my best at adapting the shadowing

Check out my other Ghibli mods!
- Jiji Pet Cat Replacement (CP)
- Laputa Amulet as Mermaid Pendant (CP)

Ideas about Ghibli mods? Feel free to post them and if I have the ability I'll try!