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Adds new varieties of sprinklers that do all their watering in a straight line instead of adjacent to the sprinkler. Basic Line Sprinklers water 4 tiles in a line, Quality Line Sprinklers do 8 tiles, and Iridium Line Sprinklers do 24 tiles!

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Does exactly what it sounds like (and what's in the brief overview): Adds new sprinklers called "Line Sprinklers" that water in a straight line instead of only adjacent to the sprinklers. 4 tiles in a line for Basic, 8 for Quality, and 24 for Iridium! The recipes to craft these only cost one of the sprinkler they're a variant of and are available immediately!

While a Line Sprinkler is placed in the world, stand next to it with your interaction cursor over it (the tile closest to you in the direction of your mouse on PC, where the highlight box appears if you have it on) and press either R or Middle Mouse Click (or on controller, click the Left Stick in) and it'll break the sprinkler and drop it reverted to its base form. This means you can now reuse Line Sprinklers by turning them back into their regular versions and then converting them into other directions!