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A CP mod which replaces the Wizard with Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy XV.

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A complete character overhaul of everyone's favourite long haired weirdo in a hat!

This started out with me noticing the base visual similarities between Ardyn and the Wizard and joking to myself "Lol what if that was a mod." Next thing I knew I was drawing pixel art "just to see what it looked like", and then I told my friend madeggmods about it and he peer pressured me into finishing it. It was only supposed to be a portrait and sprite mod but then we started having ideas and I invited him to collaborate... Modding is a slippery slope.

Anyway, without further ado, lets get on to what this mod does:

  • New anime-style pixel art for the portraits, and recoloured overworld sprites.
  • Most if not all of the Wizard's dialogue has been rewritten, from the events to his birthday present quotes.
  • Three new heart events!
  • We have included a music file as an optional file, which replaces the music in the wizard tower (As well as the related cutscenes) with Ardyn's Theme from FFXV.

  1. Install SMAPI and Content Patcher
  2. Unzip our mod into your Mods Folder in Stardew Valley/Content
  3. If using the optional music file, download the file and drop it into the XACT folder found in Contents. Let it override.  It's recommended that you make a backup of the original file in case you want to change back.

thecouchwitch - Art, Writing
madeggmods- Coding, Writing
Square Enix - They invented Final Fantasy.
Hell - Where Ardyn sprang from probably.