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A simple mod that allows you to gift your spouse multiple times per day! (Twice by default)

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A simple mod that allows you to gift your spouse multiple times per day! Works with all spouses, but use with Maru for optimal results. This mod will set the limit to 2 by default, but you can change it by editing the config.json file (any limit <= 1 will behave like vanilla Stardew Valley). Note that changes to this file won't take effect until the next time you boot up Stardew Valley.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of SMAPI
  • Download the mod and unzip it into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder
  • Run the game!

  • Give your spouse breakfast in the morning, then dinner that night too! They'll appreciate it for sure.
  • Edit the giftLimit variable in the config.json file if 2 isn't enough for your endless piles of love.

  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.3 on Windows 10. (Let me know if it works for you on Linux, Mac, Ubuntu, etc. and I'll add them to this list!)
  • Due to cross-mod limitations, mods like Lookup Anything which report game info will show you as having not gifted your spose until you reach the limit. I may add the ability to see how many gifts you've given and your limit as an in-game UI sometime in the future. However, it would likely be my own mod storing this information and thus, still invisible to other mods.

Source Code:
On Github. Message me if you're curious about anything in the code. I'm happy to help out!