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Turns gravel paths (or any path or floor) into decorative stream tiles.

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This mod turns the gravel paths into decorative streams that you can place wherever you want. You can also choose to have a different path be replaced by the stream path.

How to Install:
1. Install SMAPI
2. Install Content Patcher
3. Download, unzip, and place the file in your Stardew Valley mods folder
5. Run the game with SMAPI

How to switch which path is replaced:
1. Install normally
2. Navigate to Stardew Valley/Mods/[CP] Stream Paths and open config.json
3. Change "gravel path" in line 2 to either "wood path" "cobblestone path" "stepping stone path" "crystal path" "wood floor" "straw floor" "weathered floor" "crystal floor" or "stone floor"

Should only conflict with mods that edit the path tiles you choose.

Potential future plans:
- Animated water
- Make it a standalone item, not a texture replacement
- These two things are beyond my current modding skills, so if anyone knows how to do the coding side of them and wants to collaborate, let me know.