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A new map for the game with a swimming hole and other goodies! Requires MTN to work. NOT OVERRIDES FILES! xD

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Hello guys, I decided to post this mod (upgrade) to make it easier to use Ali's Foraging Map created by Ali Read.I'll do this on more maps, I accept map suggestions add a MTN version.

  • Supports Multiplayer - 4 players
  • Lagoon where you can replenish your energy!
  • More tree trunks!
  • The secret entrance!
  • A secret area above Grandpa's glare!
  • A new look ready for you to make yours!

  • Entering the swimming pond area will change you into your swimwear so you can go swimming, since you're unable to use any tools or anything in your swimwear preventing you from developing the area i've created a secret side entrance that doesnt change you into your togs so you can explore the area as normal (find the secret entrance)
  • The secret entrance to the pond is blocked off by two rocks, you need a pickaxe to break them (duh) they're not big rocks so an un-upgraded pickaxe is fine
  • Dont try to go swimming in your clothes. I mean, you can if you want nothing is stopping you but it causes some weird animations and stuff so there's your warning

  1. Install the MTN (more than necessary)
  2. Unzip the downloaded file (you can also do something) and put it in the Mods folder
  3. that's it Have fun playing:>



Originally Posted by: strawberrymilk95
Map created by: Ali Read 

I'm sorry for English.