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Adds a response option during Penny's 2 heart event to support George.

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Adds a new response that (gently) calls Penny out on some ableism and slightly modifies a few lines of dialogue.  This mod just changes the first half of her two-heart event; later, I plan to update this to also change that "sure sucks to get old" conversation.  I also intend to create a version of this that completely changes this event, once I figure out what I want to do with it.

INSTALLATION: REQUIRES SMAPI AND CONTENT PATCHER. Unzip this mod and place it in  StardewValley/Mods.


In my screenshots I am using Hispanic George, Tweaked Penny Portrait, and Animals Quality of Life.


When I first played through this event, I noticed that Penny's behavior was...not-so-great. She forces help on George that isn't wanted, and pushes his wheelchair without permission. (Pro-tip: don't do that.  You probably wouldn't grab an able-bodied person and physically move them, so don't do it to wheelchair-users.)
I've also seen complaints about this event from wheelchair-users themselves (I don't have a wheelchair myself, but I do use mobility equipment.)  It sucks enough to experience this IRL, I doubt anyone wants to deal with it in their fiction. I learned how to edit events to change this.

If anyone has noticed any other ableist dialogue/events let me know! I am considering covering those as well.


The current dialogue is as follows;


[Events up to the farmer's entrance are unchanged.]

Penny: (Name)? You were watching us?

  • I was. You did a kind thing there, Penny. [+50]
-Penny (blushing): Thank you...
-Penny (sad): I just wish George wasn't so upset... I was only trying to help.
  • You should have left him alone. Now he's grumpy. [-50]
-Penny (sad): Oh... I just wanted to help.
-Penny (sad): I'm sorry, Mr. Mullner. I didn't mean to upset you.
  • You should have asked him if he wanted help first. [-10] [note: I originally intended for this option to increase friendship with George by 50. If anyone knows how I can do this, please let me know!]
-Penny (serious): Oh... I guess you're right.
-Penny (sad): I'm sorry, Mr. Mullner. It was rude, what I did.
  • I'm just taking a walk, minding my own business. [0]
-Penny: I see.

George (sad): *sigh*...No, no... I'm sorry, miss. I shouldn't have gotten so angry.
George: It was very kind of you to help me out.
Penny (neutral/smile): That's okay, Mr. Mullner. I understand.

[Conversation about 'getting old' is (currently) unchanged.]