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Recolor of all eight festivals ♥

Now With Animations!!

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A recolor mod of the 8 festivals.
It adds animation to some of the decorations and randomized ones as well.

In the config, you can also decide to turn off any specific festivals recolor incase you don't like them. By default they are all on.

All of the assets are separated to make it easier to change decorations for a specific festival. Feel free to edit them as you wish.

Egg Hunt - Made the eggs you actually hunt slightly bigger to tell them apart from the decorative eggs I put around town.

Flower Dance - Flower bloomed all over the place over night!

Luau - Yum, Pork

Moonlight Jellies - 1 in 3 chance the rare green one will appear

Stardew Valley Fair - Multiple Languages Avalible!

Spirit's Eve - Animated Spiders and Jack-o-lanterns

Ice Fishing - See through ice sculptures

Winter Star - Santa?

Stardew Valley Expanded Notes
If  this mod is not working with SVE, then smapi is loading this mod before SVE.
To fix this problem you can go to
Mods\Stardew Valley Expanded\[CP] Stardew Valley Expanded\assets\Tilesheets
and delete the festival image. It is just the vanilla festival assets and colors, so is unnecessary. 

This could also happen with world recolor mods as well. If there is an issue with other recolors, let me know which ones so I can work on compatibility.