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Adds crops for the foraging items found ingame. All four seasons and includes mushrooms , coconut, and cave carrot

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  • Mandarin
Forage to Farm

Foraging for items is fun but sometimes it takes a while to find the goodies hidden all over the map and sometimes they are scarce or nonexistent.  This mod adds crops for all (non beach) forging items that do not currently have crop versions (as grape and cactus fruit have) for all seasons. In total that is twenty three crops and includes all mushroom types, coconut, and cave carrot.


- Have SMAPI, JSONAssets and Spacecore (if you want winter crops) installed- Download the mod and extract the file-  Drag & drop the file directly into the /Mods folder and play!


- Simply destroy all crops that are growing from this mod and delete any seeds you have bought from your inventory/chests/fridge etc.

- Remove the Forage to Farm file from the mods folder


Spice berry & Winter root seeds currently do not give the proper seeds when they are placed in the seed makers, instead they give back summer & winters seeds. I do not know why this is happens.