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A map edit of the original farmhouse's interior to change the single bed to a double, add a kitchen and optionally add a bathroom with a working tub and/or move the bed (2 alternatives) in light wood and dark wood wall and floor colors. *phew* That was a lot to describe.

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This mod adds a kitchen to your farmhouse, changes your single bed to a double bed (because you're an adult, right? you can graduate to a "grown-up" bed) and optionally adds a bathroom (with a tub that regenerates your health and stamina like the pool at the bathhouse), or moves the bed to a different position (top right or top left of the house interior).

Included dark wood wall/floor version and light wood wall/floor verison. See screenshots for what I mean.

So, here's how it works. First of all, this requires Content Patcher and SMAPI (2.5+?). Then unzip the downloaded folder from the files section on this mod to your Mods folder. Run your game and then close it. Refer to screenshots for which version of the farmhouse you would like in your game. The config.json file will be created in this mod's ([CP] First Farmhouse Reimagined) folder and will look like this when opened in a text editing program (notepad, for example).

{  "Bed": "vanilla",  "Bathroom": "no",  "DarkWalls": "no"}
For these config options, the bed will be in the same location it usually is, there will be no bathroom added to your house (just a kitchen), and your walls and floor will be of the lighter wood variety (this may only matter in the added on section, as each type of farm has a sort of template of what walls and floors are assigned to the original area of your house (it's different for each farm type). As far as I know, I can't change that behavior or what that area is going to look like, so DarkWalls refers to the area this map adds on the right side of the house interior.

To reposition you bed to the right (or left) portion of the house, change "vanilla" to "right" (or to "left").
To also have a bathroom in your house, change the "no" after "Bathroom" to "yes"
To have dark wood walls and floors in the new portion of the house, change the "no" after "DarkWalls" to "yes"

Save your changes and run your game again and you should have the un-upgraded farmhouse of your dreams!

Note: having a double bed will not allow you to get married without upgrading your house.

Other Note: there are various "quirks" to adding the kitchen to the back wall or moving the bed there, as the game will still spawn the furniture you start with where it is programmed to. In my experience, it can always be moved. If you want to know what those quirks are, I made notes in the readme.txt included in the download. Also, no matter where you move the bed your farmer will always be standing in the position where it is by default when the day begins. I don't think this can be changed without way more knowledge than I have about programming, if at all. I simply made it so you can't put furniture on those tiles and there aren't any walls to spawn inside and get stuck.

Other other note: This mod does not affect the upgraded farmhouses. You will lose this bathroom when you upgrade, so if you still want to have one, download one of the mods out there that add a bathroom to the first or second house upgrades. (I might make some of them myself, but I don't know when. Map editing can be time consuming.)

Credit for the bathroom tiles used in my map goes to Prismuth, who made this mod, that I think isn't compatible with 1.3 and only affected the  upgraded versions of the farmhouse. Brilliant idea.