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From Original idea of Monteso's Log bridges. Now those skimpy bridges gonna look more toughen, even safer. Additionally, you can choose to connect Lake Islands with the Guild, and even have a Canyon next to your Quarry.

Permissions and credits

I liked Monteso idea to make those little bridges appear to be more safer and natural.
That's why I edited those images and thick' em up, the reason behind was to make them full compatible with any World Recolor.
Also, I took the old idea of connect the Lake Islands with the Guild, (not avaliable) and show it more natural after the acceptation into the Guild. 
Now, I looked loving idea of megmom84 and make a vibrant Canyon running the area next to Quarry. You can choose between the Canyon, just the Full Lake Connection or None. Choose carefully.


If you choose the option of connect the Lake Islands any file that modify the Mountain Area will create a conflict, take notice. This option is available after the first run in the config file.
Switching options would make you lose any inventory/chest, decos, crops, trees or crafts set on Mountain Area. BEWARE!


Needs SMAPI* and Content Patcher* to work. Thanks to the mind and work of Pathos for the base mods.


To Montesso for the Original idea. This mod is open source.

*The mininum version required are SMAPI 2.6 and Content Patcher 1.4.