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Evelyn will gift you her recipe clipping as a token of your 10 or 8 heart level friendship.

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Evelyn has been holding onto the magazine clipping forever, but no matter how great your friendship is, she won't give it to you until you repair some greenhouse? That kind of breaks my immersion in the game. So I thought, why not add more kindhearted goodness characterization to Evelyn by making it a friendship thing? And it's a different method to getting the ability to grow plants inside, if the Greenhouse is hard for some people.

Evelyn will show up to give you the free (1) garden pot and the recipe, the day of OR after you reach 10 or 8 heart level.
It depends on timing and weather. If you reach the heart level before 11am and return to the farm on a sunny day, she'll likely show up. If you reach it after 11:30am, wait for a sunny tomorrow. 

After running the game with the mod once, the config file will default to "ten" hearts requirement, you can change it to "eight" (make sure to save the changes)

Tested on my personal save file that finishing the Greenhouse after you get the crafting recipe doesn't cause anything disastrous to happen. You can also remove the mod after you get the recipe and it'll stay. I didn't test this, but with how it's coded, if you fix the Greenhouse before you reach the heart level, you might get the garden pot later than in vanilla. In that case, you could remove the mod and the event should happen as normal the next day you play.