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A modified version of the Railroad map to add an outdoor spring (has 3 variants). See detailed description.

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3/5/19 - I came across the refugees which I wanted in my game and made versions of these maps that are compatible since the entrance to the north woods added by that mod is off the right side of the same map. You will have to edit the content.json of the Refugee mod or neither changed version of the railroad map will load. Simply delete the entry that tells that mod to load its custom version of the Railroad map. It looks like this: (Delete all the way from the left curly bracket to the comma that comes after the right curly bracket.)

  {      "Action": "Load",      "Target": "Maps/railroad",      "FromFile": "assets/railroad.tbin",    },

I haven't been able to play the game much in a while as my attention went to other games and then when I returned my attention here and did all my updating I found that a mod I play with isn't getting updated, so I haven't seen if NPCs still get stuck where they shouldn't. I don't know how this map will affect the custom NPCs added by any other mod as a result, either, since last time I played much there weren't any NPCs to be spoken of. I can't wait for Almighty Tool or Multitool to be updated, as that would fix my lack of motivation to play probably.
9/9/18 - I was playing today with my husband and some of the NPCs were getting stuck by the sewer exit on the forest map. Added an NPC barrier so they will no longer try to use the cave to the sewers I added in the access version of this map.

9/7/18 - Sorry, folks, I must have deleted the tiledata on the bathhouse entrance somehow. Also, a reminder if you get things spawned between the water and the springs changing area, you can either use Almighty Tool, point at the offending object and push Q to break it (since you can't use your tools in your bathing suit, but Almighty Tool will let you anytime from anywhere on the map, even) or clear the area before you install this mod. I put in some tiledata that hopefully will keep anything new from appearing in that area, but only time will tell.

9/4/18 - Just made a few fixes to tiles. Mostly visual.
I barely use the Bathhouse in my game because it takes so long to get to the pool and restore your energy, that it's not usually worth it. So I finally decided to make a version of the railroad map where you can get in your swimsuit and take a quick dip!

I hope you like it. I did move the bathhouse over a little. I moved the path over to where the door is now. I'm not 100% sure it won't break Alex from going in there on his usual schedule because that's the only thing I didn't get to test, but I'm usually playing as a girl so I can't go in the men's locker room anyway and I've never seen him go all the way in to the pool. Another event I know of that involves the bathhouse still works (I won't say who it involves to avoid a spoiler). If there's more than one, I haven't found it, but it's a good indicator it shouldn't break any other events.

Now, finally, to the "variants."

I made 2 versions of the map and gave the user the ability to specify which they want to use in config.json. You will have to run your game to the main menu one time to produce this file. 

VERSION 1: If you want to be able to access the clifftop you will use the word "access" (don't include the "). This version has stairs and a ladder that help you get up the mountain where there are a lot of trees to chop down, forageables will spawn, and there is also a small cave you can enter to warp **somewhere**.... There is also a little pond and a few little scenery items I added. Why the trailer, I don't know, but I have an interest in creating a new NPC later if that mod gets updated in the future.

VERSION 2: Use "noaccess", all one word and no ", to avoid the cheating, other than quicker access to the spa. There aren't any stairs or ladders to the cliffs, no warp, and no little pond. It's the base game map with the bathhouse moved and the spring added. I did move the tree and other debris that spawns up there a little north so there wouldn't be any loss to what you could normally chop/collect there.

It's best to use this with a new save file, or things may not look right everywhere. If you have anything spawn in a strange place, like on the water of the spring or the bush that might look like it's in the bathhouse, download the bush reset mod off of this mod's files. Kaoak kindly provided that in order to be able to reset the bushes until Entoarax Framework gets an update. If you're coming to this late and those files have been removed, check here to see if Entoarax Framework has been updated. You type in world_bushreset in your SMAPI console once you've installed bushreset or ef_bushreset if EF gets updated.

You will need Content Patcher and SMAPI, but I think that about covers it. I've spent about 3 or 4 days with several hours each day working on this and testing it, because it's been a learning experience for me, but if anyone finds something that needs fixed I'll try to do so.


Note: I made a version I intended for use with Summit Reborn, but it didn't work out yet. If I figure out how to make it compatible or get the mod author's help, I will post the compatible version.