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This mod implements a new advanced charcoal kiln using the Custom Farming Redux mod by Platonymous. These kilns take longer to complete the charcoal-making process, but are able to produce larger quantities of charcoal. The mod also adds a new charcoal item that works exactly like coal.

Permissions and credits
New Version:
There is a new version of the Advanced Charcoal Kilns mod available here, which uses Producers Framework Mod (PFM). It is generally more stable and receives more updates than Custom Farming Redux (CFR).

Crafting an Advanced Charcoal Kiln:

To craft a kiln, you need 10 stone, 3 hardwood, and 1 gold bar. The crafting blueprints are accessible in the crafting inventory from the start of the game.

Using the Kiln:
Just like the regular charcoal kiln, you can add 10 wood to the kiln, and the process will begin. Unlike the default kiln, this one will take 60 minutes (rather than 30 minutes), but will produce 4 charcoal.

Also, the advanced charcoal kiln will accept hardwood. While this is more expensive, when 2 pieces of hardwood are added, the kiln will output 12 pieces of charcoal.

The New Charcoal Item:
Charcoal is just a new variant to coal. It works exactly like regular coal, but it has a different name and look.

If you want to automate custom machines, be sure to install the optional file CFAutomate from the Custom Farming Redux page. That will make automation compatible with custom machines.

Mod Installation:
**You need the Custom Farming Redux mod made by Platonymous. Make sure to install that before continuing if you do not already have it. Also, the Custom Farming Redux mod requires PyTK, so make sure you also have that mod first.**

If you have version 1.0, then follow the steps below.
1. Download the file from the "FILES" tab on this post.
2. Extract the .zip file.
3. Move the extracted file into the "Machines" folder of the "CustomFarmingRedux" mod.
4. That's it! If everything was installed correctly, the game should now have advanced charcoal kilns.

If you have a later version, all you need to do differently is move the extracted mod into your mods folder of the game rather than the "Machines" folder.