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Delays decay of watered tilled soil.

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Prevents watered tilled soil from disappearing during the night. If you only want to change the decay rate, set the delays to 0. A rate of 0 means tilled soil will never disappear during the night. A rate of 1 means that it will always disappear (after the given delay).

Note: run Stardew Valley once with this mod enabled to generate the config.json file.
  • EachNight: How soil decays on the farm every night.
  • EachSeason: How soil decays on the farm (and maps that have the ClearEmptyDirtOnNewMonth property) during nights between seasons. This is in addition to the normal decay.
  • Greenhouse: How soil decays inside the greenhouse.
  • Island: How soil decays on Ginger Island.
  • NonFarm: How soil decays outside the farm.
Each of the previous 5 settings consists of two options.
  • DryingRate: Chance that tilled soil will disappear. On the farm this is normally 0.1 (=10%), but this mod increases it to 0.5 (=50%).
  • Delay: Number of consecutive days that the patch must have been without water, before it can disappear during the night. Normally this is 0, but for the farm this mod sets it to 2. Note that rain waters the patch and thus resets the days without water counter to 0.
This mod requires the following mods to be installed:Known bugs
Please report bugs on GitHub.

  • Added dependency on the StardewHack library mod.
  • Updated for Stardew Valley 1.4
  • Added support for greenhouse soil.
  • Add support for Ginger Island
  • Removed changing soil decay at the start of a new season, as it seems to have been removed from the game.
  • Added back changing soil decay at the start of a new season, due to popular request.
  • Updated for Stardew Valley 1.5.6
  • Soil decay at the start of a new season was not removed. This version allows you to configure that decay.