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Allows long grass to spread everywhere on your farm.

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Allows you to fully configure where and how fast grass growths & spreads. Normally long grass only spreads on digable soil. With this mod it can spread everywhere on your farm. Useful for the forest farm, where there's plenty of grass tiles, but the digable soil is scarce.

Note: run Stardew Valley once with this mod enabled to generate the config.json file.
  • DisableGrowth: Whether grass growth & spreading should be suppressed entirely. Default = false.
  • GrowEverywhere: Whether grass spreads almost everywhere. If false, grass spreading is limited to digable tiles. Default = true.
  • GrowthChance: The chance that grass growth or spreads. Default = 0.65 (=65%).
  • SpreadChance: The chance for each neighbouring tile that the grass will spreads there. Default = 0.25 (=25%).
  • DailyGrowth: The number of iterations that grass growth is applied per day (max=10). Default = 1.
  • MonthlyGrowth: Additional iterations that grass growth is applied at the start of each month (max=100). Default = 40.

This mod requires the following mods to be installed:
Known bugs
Please report bugs on GitHub.

  • Added options to configure how (fast) grass growths & spreads.
  • Added dependency on StardewHack.
  • Updated for Stardew Valley 1.4