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Allows you to harvest all crops (including seasonal crops) and forage using the scythe. They can also still be plucked.

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Allows you to harvest all crops and forage using the scythe. They can also still be plucked, without having to press a toggle button (though this can be disabled in config.json). Unlike other 'harvest with scythe' mods, this patch does not affect your savegame. So it is possible to revert to the old behavior by simply removing this mod.

Note: run Stardew Valley once with this mod enabled to generate the config.json file.
  • HarvestWithSword: Whether a sword can be used instead of a scythe. Default = false.
  • HarvestMode: Valid values are: HAND (only pluckable), SCYTHE (only scythable), BOTH (both pluckable and scythable), GOLD (both pluckable and scythable, but only with the golden scythe).
    • PluckableCrops: How crops that normally can only be harvested by hand can be harvested. Default = BOTH.
    • ScythableCrops: How crops that normally can only be harvested with a scythe can be harvested. Default = SCYTHE.
    • Flowers: How flowers can be harvested. Default = BOTH.
    • Forage: How forage can be harvested (Setting this to HAND disables all patches related to handling forage). Default = BOTH.
    • SpringOnion: How spring onions can be harvested. Default = BOTH.

DependenciesThis mod requires the following mods to be installed:Known bugs
Please report bugs on GitHub.
  • You cannot get golden walnuts on Ginger Island by harvesting crops using the scythe.
  • Removed dependecy on FixScytheExp. The bug patched by that mod has been fixed in StardewValley 1.3.25.
  • There is no longer a difference in quality for additional harvest depending on whether it was harvested by hand or by scythe.
  • Added option to configure whether additional harvest should receive a quality modifier.
  • The HarvestSeeds option has been removed. The patch that ensures that sunflowers drop seeds when harvested with scythe will always be applied.
  • Added option to disallow harvesting without the scythe.
  • Added option to disallow harvesting colored flowers using the scythe.
  • Fixed the size of dropped spring onions.
  • Fixed flowers harvested with the scythe dropping only a single color.
  • Fixed harvesting forage in the bat cave and mines.
  • Added dependency on StardewHack.
  • Fix support for Stardew Valley 1.3.36 on MacOS.
  • Updated for Stardew Valley 1.4
  • Rewrote the mod, such that plucking is disallowed while the scythe is equipped. This should fix various issues with harvesting.
  • Generalized config, such that harvest mode is configurable separately for every kind of crop/forage.
  • The AllHaveQuality configuration parameter has been removed, the associated effect has been removed.
  • The format of the config file has been rewritten.
  • Now also works with the golden scythe.
  • Fix issue that prevented golden scythe from harvesting forage.
  • Added integration for Generic Mod Config Menu.
  • Added option to limit harvesting with scythe to the golden scythe.
  • Added option to allow harvesting with sword.
  • Add 64-bit support.
  • Fix issue with harvesting forage using the Tractor Mod.
  • Fix issue with swinging scythe when trying to pickup eggs.
  • Fix issue with fertilizer not being usable when using the GOLD setting.
  • Fix compatiblity issue with MoreRings mod.
  • Less invasive method to allow using swords as scythe, to fix issues with swords' stats being invisible and being unable to trash or sell them.
  • Sunflowers are now considered flowers.