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Cuter, fatter pigs, made to match Identitypollution's cuter, fatter cows!

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So, I am absolutely in love with the adorable Cuter, Fatter Cows mod made by Identitypollution, and the Cuter, Fatter Baby Cows mod by kichigaikikyokagome; they're cute as buttons, and look fantastic! Unfortunately, the pigs in game, uh. Are slightly... less.... adorable. Since I hadn't found a pig mod that looked as cute as I'd like the pigs to be, I decided to make one for myself, and I made them to match the adorable cows I was using. Then, after getting permission from the wonderful Identitypollution, since I'd used their cows for a base, I thought why not upload them so that others could enjoy some cute pigs as well!

This mod uses the awesome Content Patcher, by Pathoschild, so both Content Patcher and SMAPI are required for it to work. It includes files for both adult and baby pigs.

1. Make sure that you have both SMAPI and Content Patcher correctly installed in your Stardew Valley folder.
2. Unzip the 'CuterFatterPigs' folder and drop it into your 'Mods' folder in the main SDV game folder.
3. Congrats, you're done and ready to go! Enjoy your new pigs!