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An interior and exterior retexture of the Slime Hutch to make it a much more aesthetically pleasing winery.

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Now you can turn your bright purple dungeon slime hutch into a quaint little winery for your farm.  This isn't a new concept by any means, but thanks to the talents of Dentrala and sheetcakeghost/serenityfrost (and many others-- seriously, I didn't do diddly-squat except make it Content Patcher-friendly),  it definitely has the most options! Choose from fifteen different exteriors, three interior color schemes, and nine interior layouts to get the winery you've always wanted.  (Do you already have an exterior you want to use?  Don't worry, it's totally possible to use the interior by itself.)

Due to all these options, this mod is available for Content Patcher only. If you want to piece together an xnb version, please see the original discussion thread over at the Stardew Valley forums.

NOTE ABOUT RECOLORS: Seasonal recolors are limited right now as what is included are recolors done by other people. I would eventually like to add recolors of all the Hudson Valley series by magimatica and possibly Elle's Seasonal Buildings. I already have a start on Hudson Valley. :D

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.

After you've run the game once, there will be a config.json file in in the mod's folder. Use the images in configrefs folder or this post to make your choices.

  • When you see barrels clipping my kegs and chests in the screenshots, please note that I use "withoutbar" in my own save. It's just that I loaded each layout when I already had things in the room.
  • If you have your own exterior you're using in another content pack, SMAPI will give you an error when you first load the mod. Don't worry about it.  It's just that this and whatever other buildings mod you're using are trying to both edit the Slime Hutch. Open the config.json and set Interior Only: to true. It should work fine after that. 

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Known Issues
  • If you're using the huge interior layout, you will see the slime hutch's troughs in the black space above the "ceiling". (  This doesn't affect anything, it's just a visual bug.  I don't know how to edit tbin files, so I can't fix this, but if someone else can, I will gladly replace the file.