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Changes all livestock animals into void animals. Also optionally alters their produce, and your horse. "It's not a phase, MOM"

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Your animals are void. Their produce is void. The horse is void.

E M B R A C E  T H E  V O I D

Recommended playing with Void Effects for an added challenge!

This mod changes all livestock animals (including the dinosaur) into void versions of themselves. Optionally--if you'd like an extra bit of darkness in your farmer's life--also makes their produce void and no good to eat. Be warned, this makes them count as poison in the potluck!

You can (and may want to) disable that feature in the config file if that sounds too hardcore for you. All void produce however may still be used in traditional cooking just like their unenlightened brethren. Taste the void.

The horse replacer is also togglable if you'd rather use your own.

The void produce only starts fully appearing on newly spawned items. If you install this mod on a preexisting save, any produce that was already there will remain vanilla (albeit with the void descriptions). As such, this mod works best on new saves if you plan to use that feature.

Needs SMAPI and Content Patcher in order to work.