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Bear Mounts is a Content Patcher mod which replaces the horse with a ride-able Bear. Includes 4 different Bears (Brown, Black, Polar, and Panda) with optional saddle and small stable edits.

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Bear Mounts is a Content Patcher mod which replaces the horse with a ride-able Bear. Includes 5 different Bear textures (Brown, Black, Polar, Panda, and Skeleton) which are based on the Bear who appears in some cutscene events. Any bear can be ridden with or without a saddle and reins, and a small Stable texture edit which shows more Bear-friendly food choices is included. The choice of Bear and other options can be set in the config.json file; this file is not included with the download and will be automatically created the first time the game is run with the mod loaded.

Here are some previews of the riding animation and the idle animation with the optional Stable changes.


  • WhichBear lets you select which Bear texture to use. Choices are brown (default), black, polar, panda, or skeleton.
  • UseSaddle lets you choose whether or not the Bear will have a saddle. Choices are true  or false  (default).
  • ShowReins lets you choose whether or not the Farmer will hold reins when riding the Bear. Choices are true  or false  (default).
  • ChangeStable lets you choose whether the Stable texture should be changed to show Bear-friendly food options instead of hay. Choices are true (default) or false.
  • SkeletonForSpiritsEve lets you choose whether to override your normal Bear with the Skeleton Bear during the last week of Fall. Choices are true (default) or false.

Additional Notes:

  • The Bear's animations have been created to work as well as possible with the hat-wearing mechanic. As with the game's default Horse, expect some hats to work better than others.
  • The Farmer's riding animations have been slightly altered to accommodate the wider Bear.
  • The icon at the bottom of the inventory menu will also change from a Horse to the chosen Bear.


Bear Mounts requires Content Patcher version 1.3 or higher (which means it also requires SMAPI). It should work with both version 1.2 and 1.3 of Stardew Valley, but it has only been tested on version 1.3