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Walpi's adorable and lovely Starry Sky Interface (Cute Pastel Magical Girl Palette) converted for use with Pathoschild's Content Patcher!

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So I recently started played Stardew Valley, and upon glancing through the various mods available, I instantly fell in love with the user interface mod 'Starry Sky Interface (Cute Pastel Magical Girl Palette)' by walpi. I went ahead and installed it for my wife and I (since she also loved it), and we started playing. It didn't take me long, however, to discover the fantastic mod called 'Content Patcher' by Pathoschild; it's a utility mod that lets other mods play better with each other by working together, rather than fighting each other to overwrite the same default game files. With that said, I was a little sad to realize that Starry Sky Interface hadn't been updated or converted yet for Content Patcher, so.... I decided to do it myself! Which is to everyone's good luck, because I contacted walpi, the fabulous creator behind the mod, and they've given me permission to upload the converted file here, so others can use their mod with Content Patcher as well.

I won't say much here about what the mod is, because all that information is located on the original mod page, and walpi put it all much better than I ever could. I did make a few changes, but they consist only of adding in new portions to the interface that weren't in the game when the original mod was made, such as the co-op button; everything else is true to the original mod! So check that out, at this link here, and then once you've made up your mind that you're ready for this adorably lovely interface mod, come back here and download the new and converted for Content Patcher mod here!

First, make sure that you have both SMAPI and Content Patcher correctly installed in your Stardew Valley folder. Once that's done, download the file from this mod page; unzip the folder inside- 'StarrySkyInterfaceforCP'- and drop it into your 'Mods' folder in the main SDV game folder. Congrats, you're done and ready to go!

I've been running this on my own computer and my wife's computer with no problems, but I made some edits before posting this file to make sure that it would play well with other content packs being run through Content Patcher. If you run into any bugs, please let me know so I can take a look and get them gone! You can leave me a comment here on the mod page, or send me a direct messsage through PM, and I'll try to get to it ASAP!

The initial file upload had a typo in it that slipped by me. Sorry about that guys! If you're getting a red text message in SMAPI when you try to run the game with this mod installed, redownload the file and you should be good to go! Again, if anyone spots any bugs, please let me know so I can take care of them ASAP! Otherwise, enjoy!