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Adds a warm coat to your pet cat during rain, storms, and cold weather.

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I thought the default cat looked cold running around outside in winter with the snowy background, and wanted to give them a nice coat to wear. This is a simple aesthetics mod that does not impact game play. If the weather is currently raining or storming, or if the season is winter, a coat will be applied to the pet cat. During warmer weather, the cat is unchanged.

This mod requires Content Patcher, and therefore SMAPI.

This mod is compatible with mods that change the cat's appearance! It uses overlay to apply the texture over the base coloration. However, if your chosen cat mod changes the outlines of the cat the coat may not fit properly, and if the pet is very different shape you shouldn't use this. (There won't be errors, but it will look bad.)

Unzip the downloaded folder with your tool of choice.
Place the unzipped folder in your Mods file.

If it is winter or raining the first day after you install this mod, you may need to exit and enter your house for it to show up. 

Possibly adding more coat colours and maybe some patterns, with optional configuration to pick the one you'd like.