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About this mod

Changes the color of the bait inside crab pots to make it easier to see if they are empty or not. Also comes with an optional indicator on top for extra visibility!

Permissions and credits
The tiniest of mods! Seriously. Changed a grand total of 21 pixels to make all of our lives infinitely easier. Also, the color of the bait now matches the actual in-game bait item so that's nice, right? Comes in two versions in case you're extra blind like me and need to strap a chunk of bug meat to the handle of your pots. Just... don't think too hard about it okay? 

Note: simply making the bait more pink does make it more visible but it keep in mind it's more difficult to see when underwater. Handle chunky thingy is the way to go if you're like me and want to know at a glance, as soon as you step into a map,  which of your crab pots are baited and which aren't. YMMV :D

This mod uses
Content Patcher to change the appearance of baited crab pots. Nothing else has been changed! 
I'd love to hear any thoughts, comments or suggestions. I hope you like it!

How to Install
1. Install SMAPI
2. Install Content Patcher
3. Download, unzip and put inside Mods folder
4. Enjoy!