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A rework of the basic farm map.

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1.5 Update
- Now with moveable Shipping Bin. The game now treats the starting shipping bin like a moveable farm building, and not a permanent structure. I removed the permanent aspect of it so you can freely move your shipping bin as ConcernedApe intended.
- The Greenhouse is now also moveable! Underneath was quite ugly. I fixed the terrain (hopefully) underneath to look better once the greenhouse is moved.
- Due to how pervasive it is everywhere, I also chose to only upload the Content Patcher version of the farm. HOWEVER! If you do not want to use Content Patcher, download the file, unzip, copy the Farm.xnb out of that and where you would plop it normally.

Brief Backstory:
When I bought this game back at release, I loved it because I grew up playing Harvest Moon on PS1 and N64. As I played, I continued to enjoy it and still do. For the first time though I became bothered by some of the things on the basic farm map. Not that it was bad, but that I personally just wished could be cleaner. I decided to look for a replacement that was suitable. Everything either had it's own issues or was no longer working due to the multiplayer update. So, I decided to figure out how to edit the map myself and make it what I was looking for.

What I did:
  • Removed both ponds. I always found them to be in the way of what I wanted to do, which forced me to change my layouts when I was building.
  • Added a pond up behind the house "off the map." it is perfectly accessible, not difficult to reach by any means and, I think, fits nicely with the overall map.
  • Squared off the map. There were a couple of points around the map with an edge that stuck out and, again, forced me to change my layout a bit.
  • Reworked the entrance, top right corner and right edge of the map. So, I first cleared some of the bushes in the top right that always blocked something. After doing this however, I noticed that the fence north of the entrance did not line up with the fence south of the entrance. I took to reworking that to line up. (I ended up moving the entire lower portion over 1 tile so you have more space on the farm ultimately.)
  • Trees fixed. So, the trees in the farm are fine. Don't care one bit, I can cut them down. The trees around the edge of the farm which were purely aesthetic, were frustrating at times. Walking near them and losing your character, if you had paths or crops there then you couldn't see them. This was around the bottom, the left side and right side of the map. I moved them all so that they no longer block any of the usable farm, but can still be seen.
  • Miscellaneous. I cleaned up a few tiles for looks on my part. Pushed the grass back a bit under the house and greenhouse, modified the front tiles leading into the greenhouse, changed some various dirt paths, etc.

What I did NOT do:
  • Remove any spawns. All spawns are in the same spot. Did add a couple from where I added space on the map or took the ponds out.
  • Re-position anything. Every building and structure is EXACTLY where it is on the default farm map. With the exception of the pond(s), those are gone.

To install:
- Download the file
- Unzip
- Copy "[CP] Simple Farm Rework" to Mods folder NOTE: You must be using Content Patcher.
- Enjoy!

  • I have played through to winter on this map, I THINK I have fixed most of the problems. That being said, see the disclaimer at the bottom.
  • This seems to work fine on multiplayer. As I did not change any of the spawn positions for cabins or add any new ones, you are still limited to the default number of players (to start. I do not know how MTN would handle this situation.) To avoid "oddities" all players should have the same map file.
  • To be honest, I don't care if you tweak the map and re-share it. I didn't create it myself, I just changed what was already there. If you do share this version, please just credit me I guess.

Concerned Ape for making an awesome game.
Thank you Holty07 for making it into a Content Patcher pack.

Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at any kind of mod/map edit/whatever for any game. Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated.