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Adds dialogue for characters during festival events based on what your relationship status is! It gets boring going to the festivals year after year and hearing the same old thing come out of everyone's mouth, regardless of what you've been through together! This mod aims to fix that -and make festivals worth going to again.

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The Premise

Hey there! I've always been kind of annoyed that, year after year, everyone's talking about the same old stuff at the festivals, regardless of whatever we've been through together! Sure, once in a while your spouse says something spousey, but in general it's kind of boring and you wind up skipping festivals you've been to once. 


So I'm making this mod [: It uses Content Patcher to add dialogue to festival events, based on relationship status. New dialogue for characters you're friendly with, dating, engaged to (since engagements last three days, you'll have give 'em the pendant at a very specific time to see these...), married to (if there wasn't already spouse dialogue), or, DUN DUN DUNNNN - divorced from! I don't know about you, but my ex-wife probably wouldn't be so happy for me to come talk to her at the town fair.


Done so far:

• Over 600 new lines of festival dialogue for all marriage candidates!

Next up:
• Everyone else
• Translations

In my dreams:
• Dialogue for marriage candidates' friends and family based on relationship status - ie: Pierre really doesn't like me much because I divorced Abigail, or Jodi invites me to sit at her family's table when I'm dating Sam. 
• New sprites and portraits with festival-appropriate clothing?????? That'd be cool.

We'll see if I ever get there.


Update log:
• 10/04/2018 - ver. 1.0.1 - Fixed some typos, grammar, and expression code errors.
• 08/19/2018 - ver. 1.0.0 - OFFICIAL RELEASE! Added even more lines and fixed some mistakes with marriage dialogue.
• 08/17/2018 - ver. 0.12.0 - Added Haley's dialogue
• 08/17/2018 - ver. 0.11.0 - Added Emily's dialogue
• 08/14/2018 - ver. 0.10.1 - Fixed incorrect "friendly" dialogue selector for Penny
• 08/14/2018 - ver. 0.10.0 - Added Shane's dialogue
• 08/13/2018 - Immersive Festival Dialogue is now on GitHub!
• 08/13/2018 - ver. 0.9.0 - Added Elliott's dialogue
• 08/13/2018 - ver. 0.8.0 - Added Penny's dialogue, fixed issue with dialogue conditions
• 08/09/2018 - ver. 0.7.0 - Added Abigail's dialogue
• 08/09/2018 - ver. 0.6.0 - Added Alex's dialogue
• 08/08/2018 - ver. 0.5.1 - Fixed portrait errors - incorrect portraits were being displayed. Deleted other files.
• 08/08/2018 - ver. 0.5.0 - Added Leah's dialogue, fixed some other little stuff
• 08/07/2018 - ver. 0.4.0 - Added Sebastian's dialogue, fixed Sam's SDV Fair dialogue
• 08/05/2018 - ver. 0.3.0 - Added Harvey's dialogue, fixed a couple bugs
• 08/04/2018 - ver. 0.2.0 - Added Maru's dialogue
• 08/04/2018 - ver. 0.1.0 - Did Sam's dialogue, released mod in, like, "beta" or something.

Download & Installation

Download 1.0.1

Click here to download at Nexusmods!

How to Install:

Install the latest version of SMAPI
Install Content Patcher
• Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods
• Run the game using SMAPI.

Mod Compatibility:
• Farmerjack's Dialogue Expansion mods edit the same festival dialogue files. Content Patcher will use whichever mod loaded last (they load alphabetically by mod folder name). It won't break your game, though. [: If you want to make sure you see a certain dialogue, change the folder name so it loads after IFD.
• I will add more here as I test compatibility with other dialogue-altering mods.

Thanks To:
Makco for helping me write Penny's dialogue!
Casualgamer for helping with testing and ideas
Pathoschild for making SMAPI and Content Patcher and other goodness
Everyone in #modding on Discord for being so lovely and helpful!

I don't have the time and patience to test every single scenario myself. Please let me know if you find any issues! You can do so here on the Nexus or in the thread on Chucklefish forums. You can also let me know if you think something seems out of character. Or just say hi [: Thank you!