A Tappers Dream - A Tree Overhaul by Goldenrevolver
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Added: 05/04/2016 - 12:51AM
Updated: 26/01/2017 - 05:54PM

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Last updated at 17:54, 26 Jan 2017 Uploaded at 0:51, 5 Apr 2016

I had a quick google and saw that my mod was unofficially updated to work during my absence. You can find it here.

Compatible with Stardew Valley 1.2 and SMAPI 1.12.

Are you tired of getting stuck on sapling that grow in the shade of your perfect tree farm?
Do you just want to farm the seeds but they are constantly growing so you cant pick them anymore?
Are you against this racism of fruit trees against normal and mushroom trees in the winter?

Then fear no more my little tapper or lumberjack. I present to you the Tree Overhaul!

6 configurable additions to your trusty trees:

1. Tree seeds dont grow in the shade of a grown tree (the 8 surrounding tiles). So u can walk over them and collect them (default: true)

Comparison after clearing the farm on the 1st of summer then leaving it grow until the 28th of summer with or without the mod installed.

2. Normal trees grow in winter. Why should fruit trees be the only ones! (default: true)

Example growth change pictures are on 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of winter.

Keep in mind that i used the same numbers as in vanilla. So the tree growth in and of itself will still be entirely random unlike fruit trees.

3. Mushroom trees grow in winter. Why should they simply die every winter and magically revive in the spring? (default: false)

If you enable mushroom tree growth DONT cut a mushroom tree and leave the stump behind!
Always cut the stump too (or dont cut the tree at all because thats why u have this mod in the first place).
This mod checks for stumps every morning and turns them back into trees so if u dont cut the stump you get really weird looking trees... 
Im using the same method the base game uses when it fixes mushroom trees on spring 1st. This is a vanilla bug because it doesnt reset the sprite position. 
I cannot change the base behaviour, I can only reverse it, so the only alternative that i had was deleting the stump when you cut a tree down so i can ensure that it doesnt happen which would lose you precious ressources and immersion so I decided against it.

4. Fruit trees dont grow in winter. No pictures needed. (default: false)
(Done by Request from Lissimo)

5. Normal trees have twice the chance to grow each day. Tree growth may appear erratic due to the random nature of its growth but is on average twice as fast. Respects config settings from normal/ mushroom trees grow in winter. (default: false)
(Done by Request from Arshness)

6. Configurable Fruit Tree Growth: Insert 0 in the config for vanilla, 1 for twice as fast (14 days to mature) or 2 for half as fast (56 days to mature).
No pictures needed. Respects config settings from fruit trees dont grow in winter.(default: 0)
(Original Request from Dilwoah)

SMAPI: I built version 1.4 of this mod based on version 1.7 but its tested for the current version 1.12. It should be compatible with a few future versions and a few prior version. You can get the latest SMAPI here.

Extract the content of the downloaded zip file into the mods folder from SMAPI and start the game via the SMAPI launcher. 

Simply delete the prior version and install the new one.