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Uses SMAPI. Adds a Winery building to be purchased in the Carpenter Shop. Casks can be used inside the building. All kegs and casks work 30% faster inside the building and show time remaining & product on mouse over. Adds a new Distiller Profession stemming from Tiller (Level 5 Farming). This is a third choice besides Artisan and Agriculturist.

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Built for Stardew Valley 1.3 - Up to date!

Does not work in multiplayer
- Apparently works in multiplayer to an extent

Extract 'Sauvignon in Stardew' folder into your Game's Mod folder.


  • Adds Winery Building to the Carpenter Menu
  1. Purchase from Robin for 40,000 Gold, 200 Hardwood, 100 Clay, and 100 Stone. Takes 4 days to construct. 11x6 building. Has seasonal textures. Features a walk through archway.
  2. Casks can be used inside the building. Casks & Kegs inside the building work 30% faster. On mouse over, they display the product inside and show time/days remaining.
  3. NEW FEATURE Adds a lovely track of music inside the Winery.
  • Adds Distiller Profession - NEW FEATURE Option to turn it off in the new Config file. Set it to false if you only want the building.
  1. All alcohol (Wines, Beers, Meads, IPAs, etc.) are their own Category called Distilled Craft. They no longer get the 40% sell bonus from the Artisan Profession.
  2. Distiller Profession stems from Level 5 Tiller Profession. At Level 10 Farming, you can now choose between Artisan, Agriculturist, or Distiller.
  3. Distiller Profession gives you a 40% sell bonus on all alcohol (the new Distilled Craft category).


Currently working on international language integration. And working towards a big 2.0 update which should feature a building upgrade and some big ol keggos. Thanks for sticking with me everyone!!!

Feel free to report any errors with the mod here on nexus mods or on the DM me on discord @Jesse#0358

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