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About this mod

A simple fix to the game controls that turns the character in the direction of your Mouse-Click.
This makes dealing with creeps, ESPECIALLY the flying ones, much more enjoyable, as the combat no longer feel as clunky.

Permissions and credits


  • Download the files.
  • Put folder into your StardewValley/Mods folder.
  • Unpack
  • Launch the Game and Enjoy! :)


DISCLAIMER: This isn't a big combat overhaul, it's a simple Quality of Life improvement. Adds nothing gamebreaking, and breaks nothing.

Fixed Mouseclick controls!

  • Turns the character in the direction of your click, when using mouse clicks for tools.

The game's normal functions for turning a character with mouse clicks check what specific tile is clicked,
requiring that the exact tile next to the character is clicked in order to turn the character towards it.
This simple mod makes it so that clicking in the general direction of a tile is enough to turn the character.


  • Holding the left mousebutton will keep the character swinging until the button is released. 

This feature is meant to help prevent finger bourneout. And hugely helps with some weapon types like daggers.
Like most of the features of this mod it is possible to turn this feature on/off in the config.js

Slick Moves!

  • Sideways Swipe: When running and attacking to the sides, the character will slide along the ground while swinging the weapon.
  • Block Dash: A quick dash while blocking, used by hitting 'left-click' immediately after blocking and moving in the direction you want to dash.

I always found it slightly boring to stand completely still, spamming my sword at innocent slimes.
I decided to add the option to move a bit during attack and block moves. These can be turned on/off(true/false) in the config file, in the mod folder.

## Updates

Fixed an issue with the manifest.json, causing the mod to not update from github correctly.

Config file was added, allowing to enable or disable the 'SlickMoves' and 'MouseFix', by setting the values either 'true' or 'false'. These both default to 'true'.

Better accuracy across all resolutions.

Better handling of attack cooldowns.

Optimized code.
Fixed animation issues when fishing.(It has come to my attention there are a couple of other animations that become awkward, these will be fixed in upcoming releases.).

Added 'WeaponsOnly' option to the config.json.
Added 'ClickToMove' option to the config.json. This option will move the character on Right-Click in the direction of the cursor.

Optimized code for SMAPI 3.0

Added AutoSwing feature that can be switched on/off in the config.json.
Fixed issues during special events and festivals.

Updated for Stardew Valley 1.5

## Extra

Author's Note
So you made it to the end of the description, congratulations! This is  actually my first ever mod and also the first project i code in c#. I was frustrated with the game controls and decided to fix it for myself and my friends(who showed me this game in the first place). I uploaded it to NexusMods initialy to have an easy way of sharing my mod with the people who might want it and did not at all expect this mod to hit 1k downloads at all and let alone in less than 14 days. All the continued appreciation even over two years after it's release, is a huge suprise to me. So I really want to thank everyone out there enjoying this mod and thank the people who have given me feedback to improve. It makes me immensly happy to experience the support and I will be back with more mods in the future for sure, because of this.