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Your favorite bachelor is now flirtier, more involved with the community and even showers you with gifts! Adds 300+ new lines as a bachelor and as a spouse.

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Alex is back and better than ever! 

[Update: 08/12/2019: Added new content, fixed bug where game crashed on spring 18th]

This mod adds over 300+ new lines of dialogue for your favorite marriage candidate, including questions, a little more flirting and Alex now even gives you gifts when you are not married to him yet! 

Let Alex shower you with his love and attention and add more depth to his character. 

This is canon and gender neutral! Includes new lines for Alex as a bachelor, as a spouse and as a father. Please enjoy this mod and feel free to leave a comment if you do!

1. Download and install Smapi.
2. Download and install Content Patcher.
3. Download and unzip this mod into your Stardew Valley mod folder (Stardew Valley/Mods).
4. Run the game!

Note: This mod is not an .xnb mod so you don't need to replace any game files. No original lines are overwritten, this simply adds new content on top!

If you have any issues with installing this mod or are new to installing mods in general, please refer to the wiki page for help.


Q: Does this mod overwrite the vanilla dialogue?
A: No, it does not overwrite vanilla dialogue. It simply adds more on top of the already existing dialogue.

Q: Can I translate this mod into other languages?
A: Sure, go ahead! Please credit me though. Thanks!

Q: Is this mod compatible with [insert Stardew Valley version here]?
A: This mod is compatible with Stardew Valley 1.3. For older versions, please simply check if it will work.